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Year of Young People 2018 - the Big Takeover

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Young people are planning, promoting and starring in a long weekend of events at the Library from 14 to 16 September 2018. This is part of The Big Takeover festival, which sees all Lerwick's major public buildings being taken over by people aged 8-26 for the weekend.


Big Takeover website

Year of Young People 2018 website

Shetland News - Big Takeover story


NEWS - Murder Mystery Performance Planning Group Meeting

with scriptwriter Marsali Taylor

Saturday, 10 March, 2pm to 3.30pm

Old Library, Lower Hillhead, Lerwick

· Our Year of Young People volunteers want to produce a murder mystery play and perform it twice in the Library during the Big Takeover Weekend (15 and 16 September 2018).

· Author Marsali Taylor is going to write a script.

· She will also run two workshops in the next few months to help develop the play.

· Everything else involved with the performance - e.g. acting, directing, props etc - will be done by young people themselves.

· If you are in Secondary 1 or older (up to age 26) and want to be involved with this project, please come to the first planning meeting.

· We will take your names and contact details and find out what you are interested in doing.

Also, Marsali is interested in your ideas for the script so she will be asking you questions like –

· What would make a young person want to murder somebody?

· How would they do it?

· How would they be found out?

(We will need to have a lot of different suspects, all with a motive, to make it hard for the audience to guess. So do come and share your ideas.)

Remember – 2pm, Saturday 10 March 2018 at the Old Library.


Our Library planning group has been meeting since December 2017

Shetland Library YOYP planning group 2018

They are contacting authors, illustrators, and poets to invite them to take part.

They also plan: Young Writer celebrations; murder mystery; big book quiz; poetry afternoon; big drawing workshops.

If you are aged 8-26 you are welcome to volunteer, either for the planning group or to help at the events - just get in touch.

Or, just keep a look out for the excellent library events on the Big Takeover programme and be sure to get your tickets when the programme is launched!

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