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Joining and using the library


How do I join?

Simple - if you are resident in Shetland you just fill in a very short membership form at the desk, and show some identification. We can have your library card ready within a few minutes, and you can borrow immediately.


What can I borrow?

20 items, of which 8 can be music CDs, 4 can be film DVDs and 2 can be Open Learning packs.


10 eAudiobooks

10 eBooks

Unlimited eMagazines and eComics

It is completely free to borrow, except for a £1 charge for film DVDs, and £2 or £3 charge for box sets.


How long can I borrow things for?

Books, learning DVDs and CDs are loaned for 4 weeks.

Film DVDs are loaned for two weeks

Open learning packs are loaned for 12 weeks

eMagazines are loaned indefinitely

eComics are loaned for 30 days

eBooks and eAudiobooks you can choose to borrow from 1 to 21 days


I'm just visiting - can I join?

Visitors are also very welcome to join the library. Just fill in a membership form, show some ID and give us your Shetland and home address. You may borrow up to 5 items plus eBooks.


How about using computers?

Members and visitors also get free use of our computers and the internet. For more information see our Computers page.




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