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Shetland Library Customer Charter

Looking after your Library

• Your Library will be welcoming and attractive.
• The shelves will be well stocked and tidy.
• We will display accurate information about our services, prices, opening hours and events.
• We will provide resources to meet the needs of everyone in our diverse community, including materials in various formats.
• Displays will be effective and regularly refreshed.
• All equipment used by customers will be maintained in good working order.
• Public posters will be kept tidy and up to date.


Looking after you

• We will communicate clearly with you.
• We will all wear badges so that we are easily recognized as staff.
• We will be trained and skilled to help you make the most of your Library.
• We will recognize when you require assistance and will offer to help, although we appreciate that some customers prefer not to be disturbed.
• We will answer enquiries effectively and discreetly.


Working together – how you can help

• By complying with staff requests at closing times, computer logout times and fire alarms.
• By treating library property with respect and returning borrowed items on time.
• By showing consideration for other Library users and Library staff.
• By providing feedback and suggestions to us.




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